What can Lippin & Associates do for your teams?

A group is not a team; and team building is not a one-time event. It's a process - one that involves up-front planning, strategies for buy-in, and implementation through staged delivery. Teams need to be committed to their own learning. As team building consultants, Lippin & Associates works with you throughout the entire process.

Our strength is in helping you develop organizational "learning teams" - teams committed to understanding how they work and to constantly improving and renewing themselves. Teams committed to lifelong learning for their team members.

The total Creating Inspired Teams program includes:

  1. Initial Consultation
    Consultants meet with decision makers, identify team needs and overall climate, establish parameters of workplan.

  2. Assessment
    Consultants observe teams in action and in meetings, conduct interviews, gather data, compile and analyze data, form diagnoses, prepare summary.

  3. Presentation of Findings
    Consultants meet with decision makers to deliver findings and get feedback.

  4. Program Development
    Consultants integrated feedback, develop program goals and objectives, prepare customized program. Program proposal includes who to work with and how, time parameters, and at what cost.

  5. Present Program Objectives and Program Plan
    Consultants meet with decision makers to present program.

  6. Program Delivery
    (e.g. supervisory and management training, coaching, teambuilding workshops, meeting management skills...)

  7. Process Evaluation
    Consultants monitor program delivery and make adjustments as needed.

  8. Program Delivery
    Consultants continue with customized program to meet project goals.

  9. Program Evaluation
    Consultants survey and/or interview all participants.

  10. Closing Consultation
    Consultants present findings to decision makers.
We can also work with you in specific areas to deliver a training program package.

Training packages available include specific workshops and training modules:

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