MBTIŽ Online Administration

Now Available!

You can now have you or your team take the MBTI online. The procedure will be as follows:

  1. Contact Lippin & Associates to discuss your interest in the use of the MBTI.

  2. Establish a training delivery/teambuilding date and specify how many people will be involved.

  3. Decide whether you will be using Step I or Step II of the MBTI (see Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Offerings).

  4. Decide which MBTI Computerized Report and Introduction to Type booklet you want your participants to receive. (see MBTI pricelist)

  5. Provide Lippin & Associates with a participant list with name, title, and email address.

  6. Lippin & Associates will send an introductory e-letter to each participant, with specific instructions for how to take the MBTI online at our SkillsOne page and the deadline by which the MBTI needs to be taken.

  7. Your consultant from Lippin & Associates will prepare reports for each of your participants and bring those to the teambuilding event.

  8. Lippin & Associates will notify you if we have not received an assessment from a designated participant by the deadline.

  9. Results will only be given to the individual who has taken the assessment. Participants who do not attend the session will need to arrange for a feedback/interpretation session in order to receive their results.

  10. After the teambuilding event, Lippin & Associates will contact you regarding the event and suggest follow-up activities.