Unraveling Whiteness: Tools for the Journey
    Judy Helfand, Laurie Lippin, Ph.D.

Understanding Whiteness/Unraveling Racism makes whiteness and white privilege visible, revealing the cultural and institutional structures that keep white dominance in place. The book is both a workbook and reader, providing tools for examining what it is to be white in the U.S., for addressing fear and guilt as barriers to dismantling racism, and for identifying the small daily acts and larger organized movements that further the struggle for social justice and equality. It includes analytical essays, narratives, and poems from a variety of diverse perspectives. Numerous experiential exercises also aid readers in deepening learning through one's own life experiences.

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Diversity: Catalyst for Innovation and Excellence
    Laurie Lippin, Ph.D.

Are We Really Appreciating Difference? - 2008
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